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eTrace® = FreeTrace!

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eTrace® = FreeTrace!

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eTrace® = FreeTrace!

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Welcome to eTrace®

Debt costs Local Authorities in England and Wales millions of pounds every year, with a resulting shortfall in funding for vital front line public services.

In London over 80% of cases passed to enforcement agents by Local Authorities remain unpaid. Although this improves outside the Capital, the average is over 60% nationally.

Often difficulties occur when people unintentionally or deliberately vacate a property without providing a forwarding address. These hard-to-find debtors frequently cause much needed revenues to be written off because the costs associated with tracing them are mostly too great in terms of both resource and time for Local Authorities.

What Is eTrace®?

eTrace® is our proprietary 'Trace & Collect' service. Launched in 2016, eTrace® has rapidly created an unrivalled record for collecting closed account arrears and monies due from liability orders returned by other enforcement agents as uncollectable.

eTrace® was created specifically to provide local authorities with a no cost solution to recovering the millions of pounds that remain static on ledgers waiting to be written off.

An exclusive partnership agreement with Experian spearheads our unique tracing platform. It provides us with more than 1 billion live data records at any one time and is complemented by a host of other specialist online resources. And, with twice as much live data than any one of our competitors, it is not surprising that we have found a solution to collect the uncollectable. Our ability to deep trace is key to our success.

It’s quite simple to get on board - we work under SLAs which means we can switch on our service in no time at all and recover debt that you may otherwise have written off.

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Service Level Agreement

eTrace® enables us to provide a service which is supplementary to your existing enforcement agents. eTrace® undertakes recovery on returned cases and closed liabilities, a service complementary to that of your existing agents. Reventus also includes eTrace® automatically for all our existing and new clients.

We are happy to use an SLA rather than a formal contract enabling us to begin work immediately, with minimal impact on your time and therefore budget.

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The Bottom Line

The major advantage to your Local Authority is that, with minimal undertaking and no cost implications, eTrace® could successfully recover for you hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt from the previously uncollectable - money you might well have written off - resulting in improved public services funding. We will also provide you with access to all of the information we have discovered about the debtor to enable you to initiate other methods of recovery.

Contact us now if you would like to know more.

eTrace operation awarded BSI ISO 9001:2015 on 17th July 2019

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